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Cleanware Bottle Brush /Bel-Art F17068-0000 Cleanware Bottle Brush; For Necks Larger Than 1\" BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Sample Vials with Captive Closure /Bel-Art F17570-0000 Sample 0.13ml Polyethylene Vials with Captive BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Precisionware® Narrow-Mouth Bottles –Low-Density polyethylene BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Poxygrid® 50ml Conical Tube Holder/Bel-Art F18794-0003 Poxygrid Steel 50ml Conical Tube Holder CENTRIFUGE WARE
Burette Clamp – spring action/Bel-Art H18354-0000 Spring Action 9\" Burette Clamp; Opens 0 to 1\" CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Universal implement stand/Bel-Art F18973-0000 Polypropylene Universal Implement Stand; 3⁵⁄₁₆ x 2³⁄₁₆ CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Economy Support Stand/Bel-Art F18302-0000 Economy Support Stand; 8³⁄₁₆\" dia. Base, 18 x ⁵⁄₁₆\" Suppor CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Burette Clamps - polypropylene/Bel-Art F18206-0000 Polypropylene Double Burette Clamp for ½\" Support CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Weighted beaker/flask holders BEAKERS
Buttress Cap Bottles/Bel-Art F10611-0016 Buttress Cap LDPE Bottles; 500ml (16oz), 38mm Closure (Pack BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Jerricans/Bel-Art H10935-0000 Polyethylene Jerrican; 5 Liters (1.25 Gallons), Screw Cap, 1\" I.D. Spo BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Indicator Bottle/Bel-Art F11660-0000 Polyethylene 15ml (½oz) Indicator Bottles (Pack of 12) BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Bottle Carrier/Bel-Art F16963-0000 Polyethylene Bottle Carrier without Partitions; 14 x 7 x 6\" BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Gas washing bottle with dispersion disc BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Spray Pump Bottles/Bel-Art F11633-0000 Spray Pump LDPE Bottles; 250ml (8oz) (Pack of 12) BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Adjustable Elution Racks CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Blow-Hard® o.s. extra™ Dust Remover/Bel-Art F17080-0200 Blow-Hard O.S. Extra Dust Remover; 10 oz. Ca CLEANING
label-off™label remover - Cleanware™ CLEANING
cleanware™ pipette rinsing system GLASSWARE ACCESSORIES
Microcentrifuge Tube CENTRIFUGE WARE