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stak-a-tray™ system ORGANIZERS
the Collector™ Blood tray ORGANIZERS
Round Floating bubble Racks CENTRIFUGE WARE
Pipette Support Rack PIPETTING
labmat™ Bench liner rolls & Sheets GENERAL LABORATORY
Poxygrid® Glove Dispenser Racks SAFETY
Polypropylene Scoops SAMPLE HANDLING
Microscope Slide Dispenser LIFE SCIENCE
Imhoff Cone and separatory funnel rack CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Funnel Holder/Bel-Art F18242-0000 Polypropylene Funnel Holder for Two 1 to 6\" Funnels CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
NMR Sample Tube Rack RACKS
Large Volume beakers and pitchers/Bel-Art F26219-0005 Large Volume 5000ml Polypropylene Graduated Be BEAKERS
Aqua-Clear™ Water Conditioner - Cleanware CLEANING
Heavy-Duty pails CLEANING
50ml Centrifuge Tube Refrigerator Racks/Bel-Art F18905-0050 Polypropylene Spill Containment Tray; 12 RACKS
CLAMP,DELRIN,SCREW,3/PKG/Bel-Art F18212-0000 Screw Style Tubing Clamps for Tubing up to ½\" O.D. (Pac CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Wire and Tubing Clips/Bel-Art F18234-0000 Plastic Wire and Tubing Clips (Pack of 6) CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Bel-Art F42071-0000 Secador Clear 1.0 Vertical Desiccator Cabinet; 0.7 cu. ft. DESICCATION
Vakuwash® Cuvette Washer(cuvette 세척장치)/Bel-Art F38960-0000 Vakuwash Cuvette Washer CLEANING
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