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small orifice Cleaner - smorc/Bel-Art F38125-0000 SMORC Stainless Steel Small Orifice Cleaner and Wi CLEANING
Single Scale Graduated Cylinders/Bel-Art F28452-0000 Single Scale 10ml Polypropylene Graduated Cylin CYLINDERS
Clear Graduated Cylinders/Bel-Art F28690-0000 10ml Clear TPX Graduated Cylinder; 0.1ml Graduation CYLINDERS
15ml and 50ml Clear view Conical Tube Holder CENTRIFUGE WARE
polypropylene sinks CLEANING
large pails CLEANING
rectangular Dipping Baskets CLEANING
No-Wire™ Multi-Tube Racks CENTRIFUGE WARE
Dry-Keeper™ Small Stacking Desiccator Cabinet DESICCATION
Dry-Keeper™ Vertical Desiccator Cabinet DESICCATION
Acrylic Desiccator Cabinets DESICCATION
Techni-Dome® Gas-Ported Desiccator DESICCATION
Dry-Keeper™ Gas-Ported Desiccator Cabinet DESICCATION
Techni-Dome® Vacuum Desiccator DESICCATION
Hard-to-Pierce Pouch; Convenient for Labs, Clinics and Medical Offices BAGS
Autoclavable Bags – Clavies® BAGS
Biohazard Disposal Bags – Red BAGS
Biohazard Disposal Bags – Clear BAGS
Biohazard Disposal Bags – Super Strength BAGS
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