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Biohazard Bag holders – Clavies® BAGS
Cover for Clavies® Biohazard Bag holder BAGS
Square Edge, Wide-Mouth Bottles-Polystormor/Bel-Art F10640-0004 Polystormor Square Edge, Wide-Mouth BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
PrepSafe™ Floating Microcentrifuge Tube Rack/Bel-Art F18742-0001 PrepSafe Floating Polypropylene Mic CENTRIFUGE WARE
Clips for beakers and pitchers CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
Touch Free™ Automatic Waste Cans CLEANING
Holdfast® Graduated Cylinders/Bel-Art F28461-1000 Holdfast 1000ml Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder; CYLINDERS
Bel-Art F42075-1000 Secador Polystyrene Mini Desiccator Cabinet; 0.31 cu.ft DESICCATION
Sink traps - MCAlPINE™/Bel-Art F33100-0000 McAlpine ABS Sink P Trap CLEANING
straining Baskets CLEANING
cleanware™ glassware scrubbing sponge CLEANING
15ml Conical Centrifuge Tube with Rim CENTRIFUGE WARE
Rimless Centrifuge Tubes CENTRIFUGE WARE
Secador® 1.0 Carrying Case Desiccators DESICCATION
Secador® 4.0 Horizontal Profile Desiccator Cabinets DESICCATION
Dry-Keeper™ Stacking Desiccator Cabinet DESICCATION
Dry-Keeper™ Horizontal Desiccator Cabinet DESICCATION
Bundled Secador® Gas-Ported Desiccator Cabinets in Amber Color DESICCATION
Vacuum desiccators \\\\ DESICCATION
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