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Mini Vacuum Desiccator DESICCATION
Vacuum Chamber and Plate DESICCATION
Secador® Auto-Desiccator Module Desiccant Replacement Beads DESICCATION
Desiccant in a Cartridge DESICCATION
Desi Can™ Reusable Desiccant Canister DESICCATION
Storage Turntable DESICCATION
High Heat Minerit HD Desiccator Plates DESICCATION
Brackets for 4.0 Horizontal Secador® Desiccator DESICCATION
Vacuum Pressure Indicator DESICCATION
Bag holder for Bench-top Biohazard Bags BAGS
Autoclave Safe Bag Clips – Clavies® BAGS
Self Adhesive waste Bags – Cleanware™ BAGS
Bag holders – Poxygrid® BAGS
Benchtop Biohazard Disposal Can BAGS
Biohazard Disposal Can with lift-up Cover BAGS
Silicone rubber loops BAGS
Deodorant Pads –odo-Clave® BAGS
Triple Strength Deodorant Pads – odo-Clave® BAGS
Precisionware Wide-Mouth Bottles-Low Density Polyethylene BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
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