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Red Wash Bottles/Bel-Art F11650-0008 Red 250ml (8oz) Polyethylene Wash Bottles; Polypropylene Cap, 2 BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Biohazard Autoclave Gloves – Clavies® BAGS
No-Wire™ Multi-Tube Racks/Bel-Art F18745-3011 No-Wire PP Multi-Tube Rack; 36 Places CENTRIFUGE WARE
The Wedge pan/Bel-Art F24894-0000 Styrene Wedge Pan; 7 x 7¼\\ CLEANING
poxygrid® Baskets CLEANING
Reusable/Disposable Desiccant Cartridges DESICCATION
Bench-top Biohazard Bags BAGS
Wide-mouth bottles-heavy duty closure BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Color Wash Bottles – Right-to-Know, Safety-Labeled, Wide-Mouth BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Narrow-Mouth Wash Bottles/Bel-Art F11613-0125 Narrow-Mouth 125ml (4oz) Polyethylene Wash Bottles; Re BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Wide-Mouth Wash Bottles/Bel-Art F11620-0125 Wide-Mouth 125ml (4oz) Polyethylene Wash Bottles; Natura BOTTELS,JARS AND VIALS
Autoclave Safe Bag Clips – Clavies® BAGS
50ml Conical Tube Holders/Bel-Art F18796-0000 Polypropylene 15ml and 50ml Conical Tube Holder (Pack CENTRIFUGE WARE
Poxygrid® 50ml Centrifuge Tube Racks CENTRIFUGE WARE
Flexible gooseneck arm with Weighted base/Flexible gooseneck arm/Flexible gooseneck arm CLAMPS AND HOLDERS
“c”-shape open lead ring with Vikem® Vinyl coating FLASK ACCESSORIES
Poxygrid® Lead Ring Holder FLASK ACCESSORIES
“wire” Lead weight with Vikem® Vinyl Coating FLASK ACCESSORIES
Lead Sheets with Vikem® Vinyl Coating FLASK ACCESSORIES
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