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Spectronon & SpectrononPro Software

Spectronon and SpectrononPro are Resonon's user-friendly data acquisition and analysis software packages, and are included with the purchase of Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras.
Spectronon provides hyperspectral data visualization and analysis capabilities, and is available for free download at this link: Download Spectronon.
SpectrononPro includes all the functionality of Spectronon, and also enables data acquisition from Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras. Spectronon and SpectrononPro contain many useful tools for hyperspectral data analysis, support user-written plugins, and provide numerous output options for reports and presentations.

Spectronon Screenshot: field of wheat

Hyperspectral data analysis of a wheat field, using SpectrononPro software. The plants which are colored red in the image, located in the foreground of the wheat field, are weeds.

Spectronon Features

Spectronon is designed to help a user easily define and spectrally analyze specific regions of an image, as well as classify different signals throughout an entire image

  • Advanced image visualization tools
  • Compatible with ENVI and standard formats (BIL, BIP, BSQ)
  • Classification utilities: SAM, agricultural indices (NDVI, EVI), and more
  • Classification utilities: SAM, agricultural indices (NDVI, EVI), and more
  • Unmixing utilities
  • Supports user-defined plugins for custom analyses (uses Python programming language)

Resonon provides Spectronon free to the hyperspectral imaging community. We believe that open access to hyperspectral analysis tools will contribute to developing hyperspectral imaging as an essential tool across science and engineering disciplines.