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Bio-rad webinar 일정
작성자 관리자 작성일 2015-10-28 HIt. 1018


  "Breakthough in IR & Raman Spectral Identification" 을 주제로 Bio-rad에서 Webinar가
아래에 있는 일정대로 진행될 예정입니다.
한국시간으로 세번째 일정이  10월29일 오전 11시 입니다.
많은 참석 부탁드립니다.


Webinar: Breakthrough in IR & Raman Spectral Identification
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This webinar will focus on studies of the prevalence of errors in measured spectra in the lab and the profound impact Optimized Corrections has on spectral search results. 

Choose one of three sessions. Time & date is listed as Eastern Time Zone (click to see what time and date this is for your zone).

Duration:  30 minutes
Where:  Online from your office, laboratory, or home
Registration Fee:  Complimentary