Rock Core Analyzer
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Magritek NMR Core Analyzer Capabilities

  • Porosity - Fast and accurate porosity measurement
  • Pore Size Distribution - High resolution of short T2 values with echo times down to 60 µs
  • FFI, BVI, CBW, T2 Cut-off – Straightforward determination of the key core analysis parameters
  • Permeability - NMR permeability from pore size distribution measurements
  • Fluid Typing & 2D Maps – Full 2D inversion capability provides fluid typing with D-T2, T1-T2
  • Saturation Profiles – Accurate axial profiles with the powerful highly-uniform Z-gradient
  • Pore Distribution Profiles – Profiles of T2 distribution along the axis of the core
  • Capillary Pressure – Capillary pressure measurement capability
  • Overburden – A range of overburden options available up to 150C, 6000psi
  • Sample Temperature – Options for simple sample temperature control at RP