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Rheo-NMR Accessory

Rheo-NMR describes a range of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) methods used to measure the rheological properties of matter.

Traditionally, rheology was an area of science concerned primarily with measuring the mechanical properties of matter. However, the focus of current rheology research has expanded to include the investigation of the molecular basis for these properties, especially in materials exhibiting complex behaviour.

NMR has proved particularly useful at measuring the microscopic molecular states of rheologically complex materials, and relating this information to the macroscopic mechanical properties under investigation.

For further background information about Rheo-NMR and the current research being carried out in this area of study please refer to   http://www.rheo-nmr.com/.

Rheo-NMR accessory is required to perform Rheo-NMR experiments in a commercial NMR spectrometer. This accessory generates the necessary rheological environments for the sample under study, allowing a wide range of rheological systems and parameters to be measured.

The Rheo-NMR accessory is available for purchase through  Bruker BioSpin.