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Mnova NMR is a multivendor, multiplatform software for visualization, processing, analysis and reporting of 1D and 2D NMR data, designed to support the specific needs of analytical or organic chemists.

Mnova NMR is the ideal, versatile solution for academic, government or industrial laboratories

  • Mnova NMR can be run on Windows, Mac OS and a whole range of Linux distributions.
  • The software gives you the flexibility to handle data from different magnet vendors (Agilent, Bruker, JEOL, PicoSpin, Magritek, Nanalysis, Oxford Instruments, etc.) in an entirely unified manner so that you don´t have to learn different data systems.
  • Mnova NMR processes your data (1H, 13C or any other 1D NMR as well as any 2D correlations, such as HSQC, HMBC, NOESY, COSY, TOCSY, DEPTs, etc.) fully automatically, whilst preserving the raw data in the background to allow more detailed processing for the expert user, with a wealth of advanced functions
  • The analysis capabilities of the software are unmatched. Very advanced algorithmia enables best in class analysis of spectra (deconvolution, peak picking, integration, multiplet analysis, etc.) without user intervention, complemented by the ability to optimize results interactively
  • The software is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and therefore users are building high quality, publication-ready reports whilst working up the data.
  • Our templates (for processing and reporting) and scripting (for more advanced workflows) functionalities support quick, simple automation of repetitive tasks and result in very significant time savings


Simple, intuitive and automated 1D and 2D NMR processing

The Mnova NMR plugin offers the shortest way from an FID to a fully processed spectrum ready to be analyzed, and it is ideal both for the non-expert NMR user looking for an easy to learn software which delivers quick, high quality results with minimum effort, and for the expert user looking for extensive advanced processing functionality.
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Best in class NMR spectral analysis.

The automated spectral analysis algorithmia in Mnova NMR performs analysis in the way a chemist would, with the aim of automatically classifying every peak, according to fuzzy logic analysis of different descriptors, into categories ranging from peak compound, impurities, 13C satellites, solvent, etc.
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Easily handle multiple spectra

The Mnova NMR GUI allows users to interact with multiple 1D and 2D NMR spectra quickly and simply, with different visualization, handling and analysis modes.
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Vendor Independent

Mnova NMR is a vendor independent software. Check out the NMR data formats we currently support.
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Integrated with other plugins to offer advanced functionality

The Mnova NMR plugin can interact with other Mnova plugins (NMRPredict Desktop, Verify, qNMR, Reaction Monitoring, Mnova DB, etc.) to offer the user access to very advanced functionality, from the ability to automatically assign atoms to multiplets or peaks, verify a structure proposal or rank structure proposal on the basis of analytical data, extract react
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