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Processing, analyzing and reporting LC/GC/MS data from various instruments that emphasizes minimalism, simplicity,

By providing a common interface for different vendor data and automating all functionality (data importing and display, integration, background subtraction, display of extracted mass chromatograms, molecule match, enumeration of molecular formulae etc.), Mnova MS opens the power of the technique to all non-expert users.

By allowing the chemists to process and report their MS data on their own computers, Mnova MS not only improves their efficiency, but also saves your time for more complex problems.


Combine NMR and LC/GC/MS data in the same document

This allows you to remove bottlenecks in your organization by taking routine work off the hands of your experts and by maximizing the time they can spend on higher value work.
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Easily generate EMC/EIC, UV traces and UV spectra

Generate Extracted Chromatograms for a given mass range or a certain m/z value and UV Traces from a given wavelenght.
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Automatic molecule matching for structure confirmation

This functionality is extremely fast and easy to use, making this capability available to all users, even complete novices.
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Predicting isotope clusters with various adducts and losses for verification of elemental compositions.

The feature allows the user to propose one or multiple molecular formulae and predict their mass peaks
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