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Simple, assisted NMR quantitation – however you prefer. Concentration or purity determination for everything from the specialist to automatic operation.

qNMR is a central method, and Mnova makes the data analysis optimal and automated. Here we see how qNMR can analyse (quite) pure, single compounds to determine the concentration or purity.

  • Automatic detection of all peaks that should be excluded from the analysis: residual protic solvent, water, impurities
  • Works on the basis of identified multiplets for a compound, and the number of Hs for each
  • Customize the reporting for verbosity, and whether or not it is written to a file, for example
  • Assisted when preceded by Auto Assignments or Verify to detect labile proton signals
  • Save and reuse optimized analysis parameters
  • Validated against a dataset that was analysed by hand, by an expert.
  • Check and even override automatic analysis results, or run fully automatically
  • For purity, input data for your own certified reference standard compounds
  • Define a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that can be used by others
  • Easily manage replicate samples


Optimised multiplet selection

Optimised multiplet selection based on parameters you can specify, such as prioritization of aromatic multiplets to be used for quantitation.
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Configure the concentration determination method

Configure the concentration determination method to use a “concentration conversion factor” (CCF), an artificial signal, or the residual solvent signal. If necessary, automatically compensate for changes in the receiver gain or number of scans.
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Use by less-skilled analysts is assisted by standardized operations and smart analysis

By saving a procedure that includes the multiplets to me analysed, easily work with repetitions, or create a SOP for others to always use. The automatic multiplet selection can make the analysis so simple that the hardest task is entering relevant sample-to-sample specific details!
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