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Simple, facilitated extraction of spectroscopic and chemical kinetic concentration data.

Mnova makes the analysis of RM data simple, providing a sophisticated suite of software solutions to what can be somewhat tricky data to analyse.

  • NMR is the ultimate analytical tool for this job, because quantification requires no additional work, and structural information is imposed on the spectrum characteristics.
  • Kinetic analyses are interesting as physical organic experiments, and as practical readouts of production chemistry endpoints alike.
  • How the experimental data are collected on the spectrometer can vary considerably, and Mnova provides a versatile suite of data import tools. Metadata is extracted, for example to automatically build a time axis.
  • Industry leading processing tools ensure the experimental data are properly prepared for further analysis and information extraction. Phase and baseline can often have poor quality, large protonated solvent peaks can interfere with the interesting chemistry, etc.
  • Use the in-built tools to construct a curve of concentration vs time – the correct way to analyse reaction kinetics
  • “Easy” analyses can be further simplified using a wizard to step you through the process.
  • For the ultimate in at-line process control and maximising productive chemistry, collect data and analyse the data in real time. Recalculate species’ concentrations to ensure that reactions do not over-run.


Real-Time Reaction Monitoring

Connect Mnova RM to your spectrometer and run reaction monitoring in full automation and without user intervention, so that kinetic parameters and reaction endpoints are determined as soon as data are acquired.
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Kinetic curve generation

Mnova RM provides an environment to easily work on reaction data in the form you understand: concentration v time. There is room for variety in the way the data are recorded, processed, and curated. Fitting the experimental points generates the final kinetic data: the entire analysis is performed within Mnova.
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RM Wizard

In some environments it can be the case that the same chemistry is repeatedly monitored, and a less-experienced operator will analyse the data to ensure that the chemistry is proceeding smoothly. The Wizard “walks” you through the entire process. The processing details can be imported, so the prescribed “recipe” is followed exactly every time.
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